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Thwing-Albert Instrument Company
ALFIL Equipos y Servicios S.A. is the sales representative of Thwing-Albert Instrument Company, providing technical support to the equipment as well as to their operators. Please contact us to help you to choose the most adequate equipment for your specific testing needs.

Thwing-Albert Instrument Company is one of the leading US manufacturers of advanced testing instrumentation. For over a century, T-A has provided proven testing equipment and has earned a reputation as a foremost authority on physical testing standards. Research laboratories and quality control departments worldwide confidently rely on T-A's affordable precision instruments to develop and produce high quality products.

Since the introduction of its first tensile tester, Thwing-Albert has taken advantage of technological advancements in order to provide industry with some of the most sophisticated instrumentation available. With the introduction of the first microprocessor-based tensile tester in the late seventies, and with continuous improvements based on cutting edge technology, T-A has maintained its leadership position. In addition to its role in the development of instrumentation, T-A has also worked closely with ASTM and TAPPI in the creation of testing standards.

Thwing-Albert also exports some instruments made by third parties, in order to complement its equipment offer; they are listed below. ALFIL S.A. provides the same technical support offered to T-As instruments. For details about these equipment, click on the respective name. .
Equipment Used for Remarks
Pocket Goniometer Measuring surface tension and energy of solids Portable, several models
Opacimeter 2100 Measuring opacity of paper,
plastic films, etc
Akustron Measuring permeability to air Electronic
HTM-1 Optical Transmission Meter Measuring opacity of plastic films Electronic
Gurley Air Permeometer 4301 Permeability to air of paper Manual
Dynamic Absorption Tester Absorption of liquids by solids Electronic
4340 Automatic Densometer & Smoothness Tester Porosity and smoothness of paper Electronic
Formax Standard Pulp Disintegrator Preparation of pulp in the lab Manual
Formax Standard Sheet Molds Forming paper sheets in the lab Round or square sheets
The instrument made by Thwing-Albert are shown here