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Taber Industries
ALFIL Equipos y Servicios S.A. is the sales representative of Taber Industries, providing technical support to the equipment as well as to their operators. Please contact us to help you to choose the most adequate equipment for your specific testing needs.

Throughout its history, the Taber name has been associated with Quality and Reliability. Its products continue to be considered the standard for comparison in many industries. Taber Industries Materials Test and Measurement Instruments have come to be recognized today as the world standard. The Taber Abraser is one of the world's most widely used test instruments for determining the durability of products. The Taber Stiffness Tester has been written into numerous test specifications around the world and tests material stiffness. The Taber Shear/Scratch Tester was developed to allow comparative testing of similar or competitive materials to identify resistance to shearing, gouging, scratching or marring.
ALFIL Equipos y Servicios S.A. distributes the following equipment manufactured by Taber Industries:
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Instrument: Used for: Method - Remarks:
Abraser 5135 / 5155 Wear and Abrasion Testing Abrasive wheels
on rotating samples
Linear Abraser 5750 Contoured Surface Testing Abrasive head oscillating on stationary samples
Reciprocating Abraser 5900 Wear and Scratch Testing Samples oscillating below stationary abrasive head
Oscillating Abrasion Tester 6100 Surface Abrasion / Erosion Testing Oscillating tray with sample and abrasive media together
Webbing Abrasion Tester 5820 Belt / Webbing Abrasion Testing Web rubbed against abrasive hex rod
Multi Finger Scratch/Mar Tester 710 Surface Finish Testing Stationary scratching heads over reciprocating samples
Shear Scratch Tester 550-551 Surface Finish Testing Stationary scratching head
over rotating samples
Stiffness Tester 150B Flexibility and Resiliency Testing Analogical
Stiffness Tester 150E Flexibility and Resiliency Testing Digital
Torsional Stiffness Apparatus 108 Leather Stiffness Testing Torsional apparatus after
ASTM D2821