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REGMED Indústria Técnica de Precisão Ltda.
ALFIL Equipos y Servicios S.A. is the sales agent of REGMED Indústria Técnica de Precisão Ltda., providing full technical support to the equipment and their users. Please contact us to help you to choose the most suitable equipment for your specific needs.

Since 1958, Regmed developes, manufactures, distributes and service equipment for R&D and for QA of pulp, paper, cardboard and other packaging materials. Regmed is located in Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil, being a leader in the Brazilian and South American markets and exporting its products worldwide. Regmed also is actively involved in the Brazilian Standardization Groups.

ALFIL S.A. distributes the following equipment for testing of packaging materials and for general purposes.
To see Regmed’s equipment for laboratories in the paper industry, please click on Pulp and Paper.
Equipment For testing of: Remarks
Burst Tester MTA-2000 Resistence to burst Electronic, for paper or board
Crush Tester CT-2000 Compression of paper and board Electronic
Ink Rub Tester RAS-21 Resistence of printed films to rub Electronic
Torque Tester TD-21
Torque Tester TT-170/A
Opening and closing torque of threaded caps of bottles TD-21  Electronic
TT-170/A  Analogic
Densometer PAG-1000 Permeability to air Electronic, for paper
Cobb Tester Absorption of water Papers
Pneumatic Sample Cutter CAP-21
Precision Sample Cutter 2G-15
Sample cutters CAP-21  Pneumatic
2G-15  Manual
Box Compression Tester P-4000M
Box Compression Tester P-6000M
Resistance to compression of boxes Electronic
Vibramax VMX-1100
Vibramax VMX-5500
Resistance of packages to shaking and vibration Electronic
Box Caliper C-Int Internal dimensions of boxes Manual
Laboratory Flutter LF-21 Paper sample flutter Electronic
Friction Peel Tester MCA-2000 Coefficient of friction Electronic
Micrometer ME-1000 Paper
Micrometer ME-1000 Plastics
Thickness measurement Electronic
Tensile Tester PU-2
Tensile Tester PU-20
Tensile Tester DI-21
Tensile, compression and other tests Electronic
Viscosimeter VSH Viscosity of adhesive solutions Manual