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Hunter Associates Laboratory Inc. (HunterLab)
ALFIL Equipos y Servicios S.A. is the representative of HunterLab, providing technical support to the instruments and their users. If you contact us, we can help you to choose the instrument that best meet for your specific applications needs. We also offer educational services in the color measurement field, including measurement techniques, presentation of the seminar “Color and Appearance”, etc.

Measure Color … Measure Quality
-  There is a close association between color and quality. However, being the color a subjective perception, each person describes it in a different manner. This makes it difficult to communicate color using words. This problem is solved using HunterLab instruments by measuring the color instrumentally and reporting it in numbers, without any possibility of misunderstandings.

HunterLab instruments are used in a wide range of industries, including foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, coatings, plastics, textiles, among many others. These instruments are specialized but versatile systems, which allow you to integrate and handle each measurement point of your process, including the laboratory, the production line or the field. They are equipped with cutting edge technology to assure their ability for real life applications.

ALFIL S.A. distributes and supports the following HunterLab instruments:

Instrument Geometry Remarks
UltraScan PRO
UltraScan VIS
ColorQuest XE
Difusse / 8º Spectrophotometers for measuring color by reflectance and/or transmittance
ColorQuest XT Difusse / 8º Spectrophotometer for measuring color by transmittance
LabScan XE 0º / 45º Spectrophotometers for measuring color by reflectance
ColorFlex EZ   ˇˇ Nuevo !! 45º / 0º Spectrophotometers for measuring color by reflectance, general use or dedicated for tomato or citrus products
MiniScan EZ  ˇˇ Nuevo !! 45º / 0º  or  Difusse / 8º
(to choose one)
Portable spectrophotometer, for the lab or the field
D25LT 45º / 0º Tristimulus colorimeter, with extra large area view
SpectraProbe XE 0º / 45º Spectrophotometers for measuring color by reflectance  "On-Line"
SpectraProbe S8 Difusse / 8º Spectrophotometers for measuring color by reflectance  "On-Line"
ColorQuest OnLine
ColorQuest OL Haze
Difusse / 0º
Difusse / 8º
Spectrophotometers for measuring color by transmittance  "On-Line"
ColorTrend HT ~ 45º / 0º Tristimulus colorimeter,
to measure color "On-line"
(Click on the name of the instrument to open a brochure, in PDF format. The download may take some tine. Please be patient)